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"Nothing energizes your mind as effectively as a lively discussion among peers, initiated by a thought-provoking challenge to conventional wisdom."

breakfast round-table

Business Breakfasts

Our Breakfast Round-tables have established themselves as potent forums for the exchange of innovative thoughts and an informal yet powerful opportunity for local enterprise leaders to discuss topical business issues among peers. 

We will give a lead-topic to rally around as common ground. 
We raise a nominal charge for these events. 
In return you get a good breakfast and a challenging morning among peers. 



Have you got the wrong people or the wrong culture for high performance?

'But our people do not want to make decisions, they don't want to take responsibility'

This sentiment we've heard over and over again from leaders of companies of varying sizes

and industries.

This was to say, 'gentlemen, your ideas are great, but we've got the wrong people.'

Against this conviction we hold, that the company in question rather than having the 'wrong'
people it has a 'wrong' culture, as its culture is penalizing decision making and its culture is
taking 'responsibility' to mean 'blame' .

In this round-table, we investigate how culture and culture management influence
sustainable high performance


So, join us and peers for a thought-provoking morning. (Good breakfast included)


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We will restart our round-table in March/April 2018 and will announce specific dates and venues in plenty of time

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