"In today's highly dynamic, interconnected world, the only sustainable competitive advantage an organization can have lies in her competency architecture.”

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Competency Development and Management

Traditional Strategic Planning folklore tells us that the sustainable competitive advantage an enterprise can have falls either into the category of a technology leader or a price/cost leader. 

Today these competitive advantages are no longer very much 'sustainable.' Cost/price advantage is undercut in no time by organizations from a lower cost country/region many people never even heard of before; and technology advantage is pirated and reverse engineered to a degree even patent trolls can not suppress.

In today's interconnected and highly dynamic business environment the only truly sustainable competitive advantage an enterprise has is her competency architecture - the totality of all competencies, processes, and process knowledge, available to her.

It follows from there that an organization is crucially dependent upon her competencies to manage and build resources as well as to be able to translate stakeholder value understanding into concepts that can be delivered to the performance stakeholders at a certain speed, preferably at or exceeding market clock speed.

So, what are we talking about?

Firstly, let us define competencies as: "knowledge, behavior and process," the "ability to consistently deliver a predefined output" or "actionable knowledge" for short.

Secondly, employees (managers as well as non-managers) need to be competent, and demonstrably so, in their current environment. (This part should be self-evident, but be prepared for some nasty surprises.)

Thirdly, the values in performance stakeholder value maps are dynamic, so the competency architecture of an organization has to renew itself, preferably at the same speed.

Taking the above, it is clear that the ability to measure and manage the presence of the requisite competencies and their development timely and accurately is of paramount importance. The same counts for the presence of organizational learning - building competencies at all levels of the organization.

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