management development

"Carrot and stick? This method was designed for wild donkeys and should be limited to that species."

" In the 2010s the management of people

slowly but surely has to emerge from the laboratory animal treatment phase."

in-house education

Corporate Short-Courses

Training or development events in 'soft' management areas, especially when conducted as 'public' events, have long been recognized as ineffective in actually changing behavior or practices in organizations.

However, training events held within the organization can potentially serve an important function in kick-starting mindset changes, infusing awareness and shifting viewpoints, especially when held in a culture which already contains mentor/coaching awareness and process elements ready to take over and continue.

So, should your organization be at the start of a major change initiative or just want to get people to a new or different plateau of awareness, talking to us could be seen as a good strategic investment.

If your initiative falls into our area of expertise, do arrange a meeting or, for the very least, talk to us.  


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