"The heart of an enterprise's strategic environment should be game-changing innovation."

"Not just the innovation of products and services, but the ability to systematically convert ideas and insights from all quarters into new offerings that alter the very context of the enterprise herself."

health check

The Corporate Health Check


One of the problems with traditional organization or strategic assessments is that they evaluate areas in the light, they do not care to explore the 'dark places', they do not print a holistic capability picture of the enterprise.


This Health Check is a system capability assessment that will give a rough and ready evaluation, highlighting systemic, structural, and process deficiencies, which either indicate substantial inefficiencies and / or real competitive and strategic minefields and "black holes", all of which any organization will be well advised to deal with as a matter of urgency in order to be able to survive profitably in the current economy.


Designed for corporate leaders, this self-assessment instrument provides insights on your organization's preparedness for the journey into the most rugged economic environment ever known.


This health check will help you to understand your readiness for the organizational frameworks that need to be in place to create sustainable high performance - no matter what the future holds in stock.

To access your copy click this link - Corporate Health Check

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