“We provide the language to talk about the organization’s dynamic behavior/performance.”













"We set up representations to facilitate collaboration and joint action within the organization.”




consulting methodology


How we work

Our consulting methodology follows the innovative character of our practice.

Besides our innovative and provocative thinking, our prime expertise is the ability to induce substantial change in organizations without bringing in herds of consultants. No intervention is lead by more than one of our consultants.

Our forte is our ability:

  > not to prescribe what to do or how to do business, but to instill in our clients the ability to approach

     issues and business in general from a completely new angle;

  > to enable our clients to create approach and process to follow through.


We have a solid understanding of guiding our client's people to wield tools in a whole system environment and not in the commonly used partitions.


Plus, our frameworks are extraordinary.


What do we actually do? We change mindsets. We see ourselves primarily as catalysts.


With our outstanding expertise and substantial experience we are able to act as trusted advisors and guide our clients' people to develop the approach, the system, and the processes, that will move their organization to exactly that higher plateau of performance.


The holistic and highly innovative & effective organizational frameworks we have developed in over twenty years consulting expertise are descriptive, not prescriptive. Therefore we are at ease in very different corporate as well as different cultural environments.


In our assignments and even in our outright training projects we never follow the herd or 'flavor of the month' philosophies, neither does political correctness play a part; we are passionate about giving expedient advice and guidance that moves the enterprise to a much higher plateau of sustainable performance.


With this methodology, our clients don't experience any of the common issues like 'the difficulty in transferring ownership of the newly introduced approaches' and 'overcoming change resistance among the people', or 'difficulty of implementing & maintaining the new systems and processes'.


In brief: We are taking systematic care to avoid all of the usual failure causes of typical consulting projects and therewith can be instrumental in the creation of a truly superior enterprise. 

So, the ball is in your corner. Play. 

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