“The notion, that we can rely on C-level alone to manage companies, simply does not make sense.”

“Current middle management, fueled by outdated promotion strategies, is ineffective”

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High Performance Through Effective Middle

The lack of managerial core competencies, fueled by outdated promotion strategies, and amplified by doubts on purpose, poses a serious threat to the effectiveness of managers in many organizations worldwide.
In a great many enterprises, people are promoted to management on the basis of good performance in their current functional job, and this continues to happen, even though the follies of it become more and more apparent. The common explanation is the lack of alternative ways of promotion, reward, or general advancement. The only way is 'up', meaning promotion to management, even though the position requirements are fundamentally different.
People to serve as managers need to want the job, not just for monetary or prestige reasons. 
They need to be able to master the respective competency clusters within a reasonable time-frame. People should definitely not receive the job as a reward for past performance as non-manager or for longevity.



In a high-performance organization, work is not driven by the manager, it is driven by functional subject matter experts, non-managerial people. So is performance. So is problem resolution.
If supervising, getting the work done, and fire-fighting is no longer the role of the manager - what is their purpose? 
Or, does management below C-level even have a right to existence in today's environment?
We strongly believe it does.



Enterprises cannot achieve high performance without a management team, competent as leaders, facilitators, strategists and with a clear purpose.


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To learn more on our position with regards to the importance of managerial competency requirements, download our position paper 'In Defense of the Middle Manager'

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