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“Road-test us. These interventions provide a brilliant example of our unusual approach & frameworks and will assist in gaining impressive successes without committing to large investments.”

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Examples of Trusted Interventions

To give you pointers directing you onto your journey to create a superior enterprise, and establish sustainable high performance, we have put together a series of short to medium term intervention examples addressing a number of common organization issues. 

These low-footprint interventions can serve as a brilliant road test of our unusual approach & frameworks and assist in gaining profound successes without committing to large investments. Take a look through the packages below, and once it looks like a good fit with what you want to achieve, do contact us to get started.

But, please, let the list below not prevent you from telling us about your particular problem or set of issues & aspirations. The below really is but a very small sample of what we do. 

Superior Performance without KPIs?

Let us work, say, for example, with your sales team for a while. 
If these folks are competent, and they should be, otherwise they would not work in that capacity in your organization, we will enable them to substantially increase their sustainable sales performance by not imposing any sales targets or KPIs. 
After having implemented our frameworks, the performance of the whole team will solidly exceed your expectations. 
The one question you will have to ask yourself: can our infrastructure handle all this additional volume?
If so, take us by our word, and experience the power of managing performance without sales-targets or KPIs, and the miracles your sales team will able to achieve.

BaseLine Assessment

You cannot solve today's problems using the same thinking that created them. 
It becomes increasingly clear that the old thinking does not suffice to create high-performance in any sustainable manner.
So, let us work with you to find out how well your organization is positioned to succeed in this rather rugged economic environment.
We will spend a week or two, depending on the size of your operations, and go over your organization with a fine comb vis-a-vis a high-performance framework, not just the traditional strategic assessment, and probe all aspects of your operations - the enablers and the results.
We will analyze what we found, create and present you with a comprehensive analysis, and a set of useful recommendations based on new thinking.

Charter Environment

If you want to set the foundations to put your organization on the right way to fame & sustainable fortune, talk to us about setting the direction and framework in, what we call the "Charter Environment". 
Here the famous "Why?" is born. 
The charter environment, importantly, also sets the foundation for your organization's culture. 
The old saying "if you don't manage your culture, you will get the one you deserve"; or rather "if you do not develop your organization's culture, your organization will develop one for you" is as true today as it always was.
We work over a few weeks with your top management team to create the underlying framework that will assist the transformation of your organization into a superior enterprise. The intervention will continue for a period of time to mentor the team members on continuation and continuity of approach.

Strategy Retreat

If you are disappointed with past retreats or even with the whole strategic planning process and with the adequacy of the resulting strategies, this is for you. 
Strategy Retreats, even though commonly conducted, have received overall bad marks in effectiveness and generally a bad press. This is unfortunate. 
Strategic frameworks and strategies are crucial to an enterprise's well-being and retreats are not a wrong environment to get started. 
But in order to work and be effective, strategic frameworks, and strategies will have to guide organizations out of their comfort zones, and not just plan the obvious. 
Let us take your strategy team on a journey into the unknown, lead them to understand systems, strategic frameworks, and dynamics. And they will produce within a few weeks a strategic framework and strategic environment that will set your enterprise onto the road to greatness.

Trust Assessment

Nobody trusts anybody anymore. Sounds familiar? Read on.
Trust is of utmost importance - you will get the same answer, no matter who you ask in any organization. Taking into account the importance and universal acceptance of this importance, the state of affairs in organizations is abysmal. 
There is no trust between management and non-managerial employees; there is hardly any trust between management layers or even among managers. 
Recent research supports the importance:

> Trust levels of 20-30% mean your managers spend

   over 40% of their time overcoming trust barriers.
> A 10% increase in trust has the same satisfaction
   effect as a 32% increase in salary.

We will work a month or two with your management team to a) assess the trust situation and work out the actual level of trust, b) introduce trust as a necessary, and measurable, competency, c) work in one-2-one sessions with your managers on changing the status quo.

Management Core Competency Development

Lack of managerial core competencies and doubts on purpose keep your managers from

reaching anywhere near their full potential.

We believe that matters.

Organizations cannot afford managers who are ineffective and inefficient in their actual role as leaders, facilitators, and strategic thinkers.
They cannot afford managers whose purpose is supervision, fire-fighting, and fiddling with operational tasks.
We will work with your management team over four to six months to create a high performance group of managers that has a sound foundation in leadership, facilitation, and strategic thinking.

People Performance Assessment

Has your annual performance assessment degenerated into a paper-chase which is largely discredited by both, managers and non-managers alike?
Well, the exercises commonly masquerading as performance assessments a) do not assess performance, they assess conformance and b) are probably the largest single cause of employee dissatisfaction. 
Furthermore, assessing performance only once or twice a year is not really a useful undertaking. 

We work with your management team over the period of a few months, depending on the size of your operations, to install the framework, approach and process environment for an assessment that a) really measures performance, b) measures it timely (i.e. 24/7) and c) is accepted as fair and objective by your people.

So, the ball is in your corner. Play.
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