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"Traditionally performance is seen as the achievement of certain targets or

"Performance is causal, therefore correlative measures such as targets or KPIs are irrelevant as measurement tools and unsuitable as management tools."

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Performance Management

The fashionable drive to implement Key Performance Indicators - KPIs - for performance measurement & management not only fails to build, manage or improve performance, it actually presents a clear and present danger to an organization's well-being.

The follies of target (KPI) driven performance management structures are becoming obvious if we look at it from a different angle.

Many parents lament the state of education in our schools where students increasingly concentrate only on passing exams. Educators the world over, numerous studies, empirical evidence all demonstrate that putting education (learning) into the service of passing exams with high marks leads to students with five "A"s, who are unable to field one original thought or unable to even read or write at the appropriate level.

Educational establishments that understand sustainable superior performance as creating outstanding people, not as creating high pass rates, are the ones that inspire admiration and effect a solid reputation of a superior institution. These are educational establishments that do not measure performance through compliance with exam pass rates and grades. Don't misunderstand us: their charges still will pass exams with flying colors, but their performance is not driven by concentrating on achieving high marks in tests, but on enabling solid understanding of the underlying topic or subject and enabling the 'whole person' to develop.

This understanding can be transferred wholesale to commercial organizations and enterprises.

Enterprises that base their performance management system (corporate or people) on achieving targets or KPIs will - if they are not, as ever so often, wreaking havoc on their customers and people at a huge cost to society - solidly under-perform in the medium to long term.

In a truly superior enterprise, sustainable high performance & work is driven by the people, not the bosses.

Sustainable superior results are produced by people who have a solid understanding of what they do, why they are doing it, and to what purpose. While doing it they fulfill their own passions, conform to their values and satisfy performance stakeholders.

Sustainable superior performance is not achieved by compliance with targets.

Concentrating performance management systems on stretch KPI achievement creates 'one-day wonders': organizations with five 'A's, but a seriously inferior ability to generate sustainable high benefits in economic, ethical, or society space.

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