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"You cannot solve today's problems by applying the same thinking you used to create them."

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1)  Of Leaders And Lemmings 

Promoting the use of Key Performance Indicators as performance management and

measurement tool is becoming a global phenomenon. 
However, managing a dynamic performance environment with static tools such as KPIs or targets, in general, presents a clear and present danger to organizations.

The results of these Performance Management Systems are reported in the press and are subject to Congressional Hearings.


2)  Pay-for-Performance

If you choose to use Incentive Pay or pay-for-performance either to reward

high performers or to attract and retain talent, be careful, you might not get

what you pay for.

3)  In Defense of the Middle-Manager

The demise of the middle manager correlates all too suspiciously with the rise

in the cult of the CEO.
The notion that the middle manager is obsolete is both premature and dangerously



4) An education framework for the 21st century


Examining the perceived state of public education the world over seems to paint

a dire picture, despite lip commitment of Leaders that education is a key topic.

Even a closer look at the output of public education seems to suggest that the

baby-boomer generation failed their offspring terribly in that aspect.

Well, allow us to propose a framework to get education onto a 21st-century success track.