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The Classic Performance Management System is                                               Culture Transformation
                   today's white Elephant

                    Our innovative frameworks will assist you in managing the transition                      Value Managed vs Rule Managed

                     Yo            common                       d      int  competitive                       There is an old saying that, 'If you don't manage your
                                 but                            b  T            inflicts                      culture you'll get the one you deserve' (Which is rarely
                                            enterprises:          an      employe    the                      the one you desire, nor the one you believe you actually

                                             and                        sub    media  frenzy,  public         have) And given the near universal acceptance of this
             'Live values, understand                 by        bailouts, and Congressional Hearings.  The underlying   saying in the organizational context, it is astonishing to
          performance stakeholders and           a  set of      issue is not really about corporate governance. It is not   find that the management of culture in organizations is
          develop ethical concepts these            KPIs.       about  ‘tweaking’    performance  models.     actually quite ineffective. There is a strong disconnect

           are basic building blocks for          Management    The issue is, that organizations wanting to continue to   among management in understanding the implications
               sustainable success'               t  measure    be sustainable profitable into the future while fulfilling   of an adverse culture.
                                          a    performance      their    social,  and  economic  responsibilities,   Organizations are systems (Old hat.) But if that is true,

                                 by          KPIs.              will have to rethink, urgently and fundamentally,  the   then the laws of system dynamics are valid and
                            empl  pay-for-performance           underlying assumptions of performance.        applicable.
                        f    installed,  wh  management         'Achievement of targets' is no longer a hallmark of   Behavior and performance in a system are determined
                                  right-sizing.                 success. Current wisdom and conventional thinking   by its structure. Culture is the outward representation of
                         In consequence,  ente    themselves    about performance are dangerous to an organization's   structure in a social system. The pitfalls  and dangers in

                     locked in       talent,      employees     well-being.                                   a culture transformation are legendary. Starting with
                                                                                                              disconnected, generic vision statements over common-

                                                                      'With our assistance you will be        parlance hallmarks to values written on little laminated
                                                                                                              cards and published on websites. Successful culture
                                                                       able to build a sustainable high
                                                                                                              transformation and the subsequent management
                                                                      performance organization as we
                                                                                                              takes strong political will, commitment,
                                                                       understand change and change           patience, and substantial know-how.

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