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Strategic Planning                                                                         Remuneration


                   The heart of an enterprise's strategic planning   essentially static tools. It is already very difficult to   Pay-for-Performance does neither create nor
                   environment must be game-changing innovation.   manage a dynamic target environment with static   improve performance nor does it help you to attract
                   Not just the innovation of products and services,   management tools, so when it comes to Strategic   or retain 'High Performers'.
                   but the ability to systematically convert ideas and   Planning the resulting ‘Lottery Environment’   We know that this statement is Heresy, but there
                   insights from all quarters into new offerings that   becomes much less persuasive. Even for us at the   you are.

                   alter the very context of the enterprise herself.   TWC Consulting Group, it is impossible to predict   There is a suspicious lack of empirical evidence that
                   Strategic Planning traditionally concentrates on   the future, therefore we don't even try to and we   the current obsession with establishing pay-for-
                   two areas of investigation and planning:     work with our clients to follow suit. These clients   performance strategies and  incentive pay

                   Micro-Economic Analysis of competitive markets   became incredibly successful because they used our   environments actually results in anything but a
                   which has sought to explain profitability    trusted advice to make their organizations so flexible   singular spike of increased output. As for
                   differences amongst firms, and Value-Chain   and responsive that sustained high performance was   productivity, at least two dozen studies over the last
                   Analysis which is looking for drivers of cost and   and continues to be delivered no matter what the   three decades have conclusively shown that people
                   value in order to find opportunities of adding   future holds in stock.                   who expect to receive a reward for completing a task

                   value or reduce costs to boost productivity. Both,   We help our clients' minds to concentrate on  or for doing that task successfully simply do not
                   value-chain analysis and statistical approaches to    Planning tomorrow's performance by creating a     perform as well as those  who have a solid
                   understanding & enhancing profitability, are  dynamic measurement and planning environment  understanding of what they do, and to what

                                                                   Enhancing the ability to increase understanding   purpose, while fulfilling their own passions. The
                                                                 of performance  stakeholder value-maps and their   surest way to destroy cooperation, and therefore
                           'Strategy must be dynamic -           dynamics                                    organizational excellence, is to force people to

                               it also must lead an                Enabling the organization to build and sustain   compete for rewards or recognition or to rank them
                                                                 the requisite competency architecture       against each other. Talk to us about giving you the
                              organization out of its
                                                                   Improving the ability of the organization’s   trusted advice to create a  remuneration framework
                                                                 competency and resource architectures to    and organization culture that attracts the best and
                                                                 introduce successful concepts at ever increasing   aids retention of the talent you require to create a

                                                                 speeds                                      sustainable high performance organization.
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