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To build sustainable high performance a                                                     How do we assist clients

                  competent Middle Management is key                                                           to manage this system?

                  The lack of managerial core competencies fueled   A manager has a clear purpose of re-introducing   A language to talk about the organization’s

                  by outdated promotion strategies and amplified    complexity into the organization.           dynamic behavior/performance
                  by doubts on purpose, poses a serious threat to    A manager is the custodian of organizational learning.   Representations to facilitate collaboration and
                  the effectiveness of managers in many         A manager is the custodian of purpose maps.     joint action within the organization
                  organizations worldwide.                      A manager is responsible for maintaining system   Value maps and dynamic purpose maps

                  In a great many enterprises people are promoted   integrity at the requisite level.           Performance management without targets/KPIs
                  to management on the basis of good performance   Enterprises cannot achieve high performance without   Culture transformation to value management
                  in their current functional job.              a management team, competent as leaders, facilitators,   Competency architecture
                  The common explanation is the lack of alternative   strategists, and with a clear purpose.    Dynamic measurement environments

                  ways of promotion or reward.                  This requires new thinking, in essence:         Strategy Dynamics
                  The only way is 'up’ - meaning promotion to      The organization must be managed as a whole,   Management competency development
                  management, even though the competency          priorities are possible but very costly.      Competency-based remuneration models
                  requirements are fundamentally different.          One cannot manage results, therefore,      Skilled expertise throughout the organization to

                  Enterprises can no longer afford managers who   management has to become an enabler and a     wield these tools
                  see their job as supervising, delegating, getting the   variety regulator.
                  work done, and fire-fighting.                     Managers will have to become competent as
                  The now so fashionable leadership development is   guardians of complexity, and systems             'The only truly sustainable

                  beneficial but misdirected and not adequate, as   understanding as well as enablers for people to    competitive advantage an
                  managers at  all levels require not only leadership   deal with adaptive change.                      enterprise has lies in its
                  competencies but the ability to not only facilitate the    The traditional ‘rule’-based culture has to give way   competency architecture'
                  development of their subordinates but to ensure their   to a ‘value’-based one.

                  competencies and the adequacy of  their process     Static target/KPI measurement environments
                  structures.                                     have to change into a dynamic environment of
                  They have to be able to think strategically and
                                                                  measuring variables over time.
                  safeguard values and vision.
                                                                   The organization has to be run without fear as tool.
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